Reflection on Time Management


The manner in which I manage my time is largely dependent on the activities of the day. I do not have a fixed schedule on what I should do every day. My priority is always doing the home work in case we had been given at school. Immediately I am through with my assignments, I then take my note books and review the notes that I wrote the entire day. This helps me in remembering all the concepts that were taught at school. Reviewing my notes takes at most one hour. However, it is not guaranteed that I will complete reviewing them as most of the time I get bored and switch on the television. At times, I do take a nap for one or two hours after reviewing the day’s notes. Once I wake up, I don’t continue with my studies and I usually switch the television on either to watch news or movie.

When I critically review how I manage my time, I realize that there is more that I can do to achieve my academic goals. At the moment, I have no time for my private studies. The only time that I have is that of doing the assignments and reviewing the daily notes. I therefore feel that my time management skills are very poor and needs to be reviewed if I am to get more time for my studies. I strongly feel that if I am able to manage my time well, I can be in a position to achieve my academic goals. I also feel that I am losing a lot of time watching movies and news at the expense of private studies. The time that I waste taking a nap after completing my assignments can be used in more constructive ways such as personal revision.

The fact that I do not have a fixed time management schedule has denied me time to review the old notes as well as revision materials. At the end of each day, I usually find myself lamenting on the time that I have lost doing things that are not related to academics. Every day, I assure myself that I would carry out some personal study. However, most of the time, I find myself watching television after I complete my assignments. To ensure that I am able to effectively manage my time, I have decided to formulate a study timetable that balances my study and leisure. At the moment, leisure especially watching television takes much of the time leaving very little time for personal studies. The worksheet has especially helped me to develop a time management schedule that I hope will help me in balancing education and leisure and reap maximum benefits from my studies.

Reflection on Sleep

When I reflect on my sleeping habit, it is evident that I do not have a particular sleeping pattern. The number of hours that I sleep varies from day to day. At times, I can sleep as early as 10pm while at other times I can sleep as late as 2am. The time to sleep depends on the activity that I am doing. For example, when I am busy watching an interesting movie, I cannot sleep until the movie is over. This is usually very late at night or early morning of the following day. The time to wake up also depends on what I have to do in the morning of the following day. During school days, I have to wake up early so as not to be late for my classes.

The sleeping pattern that I have adopted has not been of much benefit to me especially when it comes to paying attention in class. During the days that I sleep late, I usually experience hard time trying to concentrate in class. At times I sleep for three hours which is clearly not enough for me to completely rest. Three hours sleep is far too less as compared to what experts propose. Sleeping for six hours His makes me doze for most part of the day and therefore I lose a lot of quality study time. For the days that I am not going to school, I do not have specific time to wake up. I sleep for as long as I can and only wake up once I gain consciousness and not being woken up by an alarm. This extended sleep however makes me to feel disoriented once I wake up. This disorientation affects my daily activities as I always feel lethargic when doing those activities.

From this analysis, I have been able to appreciate the importance of sleeping with moderation as sleep experts propose. Good sleeping habit ensures that one is fresh to face a new day and remain active in all the activities that he does. The fact that I sometimes find myself sleeping while in class is prove that I have a problem with my pattern of sleep. This has prompted me to develop a sleeping pattern outline that will help me